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    I keep on thinking about this character. I think it’s because I like him even though he’s an evil douchebag. So I’ve started picking his personality apart, trying to really understand what he is like through what we see in the game. I’ve decided to write it down in a series of text posts.

    I will write down multiple explanations for certain topics. They will sometimes conflict with each other because I am trying to look at Nate in more than one way.

    ***Disclaimer: I do not claim that my interpretations are set in stone or the only right way to see his character. This is just my personal take on him. You are allowed to disagree with me.***

    Spoilers under the cut.


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    Glibness/superficial charm — yes he uses this to get russell in the car with him initially

    Grandiose sense of self-worth — so killing those people in the diner wasn’t a display of him thinking that his life meant more than theirs? the dialogue straight up implied that he didn’t give 2 shits about them and that he only cared about himself?

    Cunning/manipulative — i would say all of his interactions with russell are manipulative, the entire time he is basically trying to get him to go along with what he wants???

    he only got such a low rating on your scale because a lot of them were N/A because of lack of information. i would say the ones above need to be changed at the very least and trying to use this as some sort of hardcore evidence that nate isn’t a psychopath is just kind of sad.

    Before I make my rebuttal I just want to get a few things across. In the disclaimer I had said that my interpretations were not set in stone, which therefore cannot be used as hardcore evidence. Also I have in this post stated multiple times that I was aware that Nate was a bad person and has mental issues.

    Also, the same N/A that were put there due to lack of information are the same unknown areas that others have for reasons why he could be a psychopath.

    Just because I believe that Nate is not a psychopath does not mean that I think he should be excused for his actions, as you seem to be under the misconception that I am trying to do, or that I should be referred to as “crazy ppl sympathizers tho”. You are entitled to your own option of things as am I, but just because you disagree with me doesn’t make my options “sad”.

    Moving on. There are my rebuttals. Again, this is up to my interruption of things.

    Glibness/superficial charm - If you are referring to the definition of glibness which means that a person can perform/act with with natural, off-handed ease, then yes Nate does act like this. Though this seems to be more due to his personality rather than a way to make Russell come with him.

    If you are referring to the definition that he’s being insincere or lacking concern, then I would have to disagree.  Yes he doesn’t really care about how dangerous Russell may be (again due to his irresponsibility and the confidence that he can take him if anything happens), but he does care about what happens to him. If Russell decides to refuse the car ride, Nate will start to leave. But when he see that zombies are coming he reverses and lets Russell get into the truck. If he didn’t care he would have continued driving.

    And a big aspect of superficial charm is pretending to care while acting in a smooth, engaging, and charming manner. Whether or not he was smooth, engaging or charming is up to the individual person, but he did care how what Russell was responding to him. Quite a few times his personality shifts depending on how Russell responds to him.

    Grandiose sense of self-worth - The focus of this point was the word “Grandiose”. Of course Nate has a sense of self-worth. Everybody does unless suffering from self-esteem issues. It’s just that Nate doesn’t have it to the point where he is overly vain, narcissistic, or to the point where he’s too self-important and won’t help others if it means he’ll get hurt. 

    Cunning/manipulative - Okay, let’s go from beginning to end.

    • Nate drives up to Russell and says that he should get in the car because he’s bored and Russell will eventually get eaten. Saying that Russell will get eaten can be see as manipulative except that it’s common sense. It’s dangerous just to go walking like that and like I said before, if Nate leaves a bunch of zombies do come and Russell possibly would have been eaten. 
    • Nate tries to get Russell to have a drink with him. If he says no, Nate doesn’t really push the issue. Not manipulative.
    • Nate tries to get Russell to talk about some girl he knew. When he won’t, Nate pulls up to a zombie lady to make him talk and almost gets Russell bitten. Very manipulative.
    • They pull up to a diner were they are shot at. They have to work together or they’ll die. If Russell tries to shoot Nate he will usually get the gun taken from him. Not manipulative.
    • When Russell asks them what they are doing there, Nate says that have to go and get the guy who shot them. He then says that when everything is over they’ll go back to making their way to Statesboro. Can possibly be see as manipulative, up to interpretation
    • When Nate points the gun at Russell after asking if they should kill the elderly couple and rob them. Like I said before, Nate seems more caught up in the thought of killing the two people than actually attempting to threaten Russell. Also, if that was an attempt to manipulate Russell when why would he just them him go if he didn’t agree?

    Feel free to respond to this if you want.

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      ah, this was an interesting read and i agree with a lot of it to me personally, his behavior seemed so deeply rooted...
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      This is a really great analysis, I personally think Nate has always been a bad guy and then the apocalypse tipped him...
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      this is really great, srsly.

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