1. Analysis of Nate (Part 2)

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    This one will most likely be much shorter than the first one was because I want to write another analysis post but the first one took quite a bit of energy out of me. This one is also more informal than the first one.

    ***Disclaimer: I do not claim that my interpretations are set in stone or the only right way to see his character. This is just my personal take on him. You are allowed to disagree with me.***

    Spoilers under the cut.


    In the beginning of Russell’s story, one of the things that Nate tells him is that he hates thieves. However, he later steals from the old couple he kills. Or, as better put from this tumblr post:


    (original post)

    Now this should be straight forward, Nate is a hypocrite end of story. But what would be the fun in that right? So here are a few possibilities for Nate and his views on stealing.

    1- Hypocrite
    This one is simple. It’s okay if Nate steals things from other people because it’s him doing it (This also goes for killing as well). If other people do the same thing then they’re terrible and deserve to die and have their things stolen from them, but only by Nate himself of course.

    Because if someone else did that it would be wrong.

    2- A threat
    Nate doesn’t really care about thieves. If they steal from people who can’t protect there own belongings than that’s no concern of his. Maybe they deserve it, maybe they don’t, but as long as they’re not bothering him then he doesn’t have to worry about it.

    But if they are going to steal from him, then it obviously becomes his problem.

    So when he sees Russell, he doesn’t know if he’s a thief or not. Yeah, he can take him if he tries anything but why bother with all that hassle if you don’t have to. Russell doesn’t look like he’ll cause too much problems, so if Nate just warns him not to even bother then most likely nothing will happen.

    So when Nate says: All right, good. I don’t like thieves.

    He really means: All right, good. I don’t like thieves. (And if you even try to steal from me I will gorge your eyes out) 

    And he gives Russell this look while saying it: 


    You don’t want to mess that face. 

    It’s a not so subtle threat, and because it’s only a threat and he really doesn’t give a damn about whether or not you take things that don’t belong to you, he’s not being a hypocrite when he takes the things from the old couple. He was lying from the beginning. 

    3- Passable thievery
    Nate really doesn’t like thieves at all. However, he doesn’t consider it to be a bad thing to steal from dead people. After all, they’re dead, it’s not like they’re going to miss the things that he takes and they’re not going to use it anymore so it doesn’t matter.

    Mind you Nate still considers it stealing, which is why he still calls it such when he asks Russell if they should steal the old couples things after they kill them.

    Stealing is okay if they person you’re stealing from is dead, even if you murdered them for their things.


    …Nate, you douchebag. 

    (Part one(Part two) (Part three) (Part four) (Part five)

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