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    Okay, though this one is kind of an analysis on Nate, it’ll mostly be talking about the incident that happened just before Wyatt’s story started.

    ***Disclaimer: I do not claim that my interpretations are set in stone or the only right way to see his character or what happened in this point in time. This is just my personal take on him and what may have gone on. You are allowed to disagree with me.*** 

    Spoilers under the cut

    41 DAYS IN

    As I was thinking about the different topics that I could write about for Nate, I began thinking about what happened in Wyatt’s story. As I began to think about it I realized that there wasn’t very much information given about what exactly happened that eventually led to Eddie shooting Nate’s friend and Nate trying to get revenge.

    Here is all the backstory that is provided:

    - Wyatt and Eddie were… somewhere when they come across into Nate and his friend… somehow

    - Nate and his friend make Eddie and Wyatt nervous, causing them to both fear for their safety.

    - Despite the common belief, Nate actually had two companions instead of just one. Different pieces of dialogue point to this.

    • Wyatt: I didn’t see the guy either! I was worried those two dudes were going to pull guns on us or—
    • Eddie: Shit! Dude, how’d they catch up to us?

    At this point the both of them think there is more than one person in the truck. That wouldn’t make sense if Eddie shot the only person Nate was with.

    • Eddie: Why didn’t they say anything? “That guy’s taking a shit over there”, That’s all they had to say.

    Based on this, as Eddie and Wyatt were dealing with Nate and his friend, the third person came along. Eddie, being on edge and not expecting more people, shot the third guy.

    - It appears as though Wyatt and Eddie got a head start on at running away since Eddie is shocked that Nate (or “they”) managed to catch up to them.

    This is all the information we are given. Still, two major question go unanswered.

    #1- Whose is to blame for this conflict?

    Now, many people will answer this with “It’s Nate and his friend’s fault” because Nate is an evil douchebag and according to Eddie his other friend had issues too (Eddie: They are A-grade fucking mental). 

    However, we can not truly say who was to blame. It could have easily been Wyatt and Eddie’s fault as it could be Nate and his friends’. It could have been a big mistake on everybody’s part. We just don’t know. 

    The Walking dead wiki says that it was implied that their camp was being raided by Nate and friends but that doesn’t seem likely because 1) Wyatt or Eddie would have mentioned that at one point and 2) the comment that Eddie makes about the third guy doesn’t fit in this scenario.  

    This is what I think might have happened:

    Nate and his friends were the first ones in the area that Wyatt and Eddie would eventually come across. One of the friends leave for a while, maybe to go the bathroom, find some some food, or something. 

    When Wyatt and Eddie accidentally meet up with them, Nate and the friend whose still with him go on the defensive. After all, it’s night time and foggy and for all they know Wyatt and Eddie could attack them. Of course Nate and friend’s version of being defensive means acting crazy and that doesn’t help their situation at all. 

    When the other friend comes back to the area that he left, he possibly called out to Nate and the second guy not knowing that Wyatt and Eddie are there and that they’re both really tense. By the time he comes into view, Eddie shoots him in the head in a panic. The friend dies and Wyatt and Eddie get out of there as fast as they can.

    If there must be a finger pointed as someone, then you could say that it’s Nate and the friend’s fault for not turning down their craziness long enough to realize that Wyatt and Eddie meant them no harm. But if I’m right, no one really did anything wrong. Everyone was just nervous.

    #2 If there really was a third person, then where was the friend that didn’t get shot during Wyatt’s story and where is he now?

    The answer to both of these questions will be based purely on assumptions since there is not information that can be taken from the game about this.

    To answer the first question, the other friend stayed in the area where the third friend got shot. There are a few possible reasons as to why he did. Here are two:

    • Both Nate and friend when into shock when the third friend got shot in the head. This is why Wyatt and Eddie were able to get away. Nate was the first person to snap out of it. As Nate was going to his truck the other friend snapped out of it as well. However, Nate didn’t wait for him to get into the truck and left before the other had time to join him.
    • The person who go shot in the head was more close to the other friend than Nate. Maybe they knew each other longer, maybe they were related, maybe they were lovers (May or may not be homosexual. The third person could have been female. Eddie and Wyatt possibly didn’t realize that because everything happened so fast). Either way, when it came time to chase after Eddie and Wyatt, the friend wouldn’t leave the dead one. Whether or not Nate asked him to come, he still won’t go.

    As far as where he is now, there are different possibilities for that as well:

    • As the friend was waiting for Nate to come back, zombies came into the area from being attracted by all the noise. The friend tries to get away but ends up being killed. The parts that don’t get eaten become a zombie. Nate comes back to find both of his friends are dead. The zombie-friend either tries to attack Nate or was eaten to the point that it can’t move. Nate kills the zombie.
    • The friend gets attacked by zombies and gets bitten. When Nate comes back he hides the bite from him. Eventually, Nate finds out and either ditches him or kills him before he can turn. 
    • The friend runs away from the zombies that try to attack him. He doesn’t die or get bitten, but because he’s now out of the area Nate can’t find him. They are both forced to go their separate ways because they can’t find each other.
    • They both meet up again and continue traveling with each other, but they eventually have a falling out due to the death of the third friend and go their separate ways.
    • They continue traveling with each other, but the death of the third friend effects him so badly to the point that he later commits suicide.
    • They continue traveling with each other until the friend is killed for whatever reason.

    It is possible that Eddie is responsible for the deaths of both of Nate’s friends. If this really is the case and Nate didn’t end up killing Eddie, then both Eddie and Wyatt are in even more trouble than previously thought and will be in serious danger if they meet up with Nate again.

    The death of one friend might have led to Nate just killing them, but the death of both of them might lead to something worse.

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