1. Analysis of Nate (MASTERLIST)

    Thank you to everyone who read my analyses, regardless of whether or not you liked or reblogged them. I, for the most part, got a pretty good reaction from all the people who read them and for that I’m very glad. Moving on, here is a repost of all the links to each individual analysis post.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I did not write these with any bias, I just took everything piece of information that I could get from the game and applied them as logically as I could.


    Part 1 - Psychopathy and Mental Illness (with added explanations)
    This post attempts to find out if Nate is truly a psychopath.

    Part 2 - Stealing
    Discuses Nate’s view on the subject.

    Part 3 - 41 Days In
    This one is less of an analysis of Nate and more trying to figure out what happened on this day.

    Part 4 - Russell: Random Stranger or Replacement Goldfish
    This is about how Nate views Russell based on the what the older man has gone through.

    Part 5 - Sexuality and Romance
    Attempting to discover Nate’s sexuality and romantic leanings. 


    If you do not want to read everything I wrote but still want to know what conclusions I came to, then you’re in luck. I have written them under the cut. They will not, however, explain how I got to those conclusions. You’ll have to read my posts to find those out.

    1) Though Nate is a bad man and suffers from some sort of mental issue, based on the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (or PCL-R), he is not a psychopath. He was at one point a normal person, regardless of whether or not he was a bad person (because being sane doesn’t equate to being good), but then something happened that caused a break in his sanity.

    2) Nate is either a hypocrite who only believes stealing is bad when others do it, was lying about hating thieves to prevent Russell from stealing from him, or has a warped sense of morals to believe that stealing isn’t wrong if it’s from the dead.

    3) After Wyatt and Eddie accidentally come across Nate and one of this friends, a confrontation happens that leads to the death of another friend of Nate’s than came into the area at the wrong time. This leads to Nate trying to kill Wyatt and Eddie. The reasons why the friend who was still alive wasn’t in the truck with Nate during his attempt to kill Wyatt and Eddie, and where he’d gone during Russell’s story, are various.

    4) Nate picked up Russell either because he was bored and lonely after months of self-inflected isolation or because he wanted to use Russell to replace the void left by both of his missing friends.

    5) Nate is either a straight man who is very comfortable with his sexuality or a closeted bi/pansexual who prefers women. His romantic leanings cannot be verified through anything that happens in the game and therefore could be anything. 

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